Tesla Motors said it was reconsidering its use of gag clauses designed to stop owners talking about faults it has fixed in their cars, after a US safety regulator called the practice “troublesome”.特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)回应,正在新的检视其用于保密条款让车主仍然谈论已修缮汽车缺失的作法,此前美国安全监管机构指出这种作法“令人不安”。The concession came as the electric carmaker fought to stem concerns about possibly faulty suspensions in its cars, after reports of breakages on several vehicles. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration said on Thursday that it was examining “the potential suspension issue” and that it was seeking more information from owners and the company.在特斯拉作出上述妥协之际,这家电动汽车制造商希望避免外界对其汽车挂系统不存在隐患的忧虑,此前有报导称之为,该公司多辆汽车上的部件再次发生脱落。美国国家公路交通安全性管理局(NHTSA)周四回应,正在调查“潜在的挂系统问题”,并相反车主和特斯拉索要更加多信息。

Requiring customers to sign non-disclosure agreements when the company pays for repairs could prevent them reporting safety problems to regulators and put other customers at risk, said Carl Tobias, a professor at the University of Richmond School of Law. It “is against public policy and might even be illegal,” he said. “They’re saying it wasn’t the intent — but it’s the effect that matters.”里士满大学法学院(University of Richmond School of Law)的教授卡尔托拜厄斯(Carl Tobias)回应,特斯拉在分担修理费用时拒绝客户签订保密协议,这有可能制止客户向监管机构报告安全性问题,从而让其他客户忍受风险。这“与公共政策有违,甚至有可能是非法的,”他说道,“他们说道这并非原意,但最重要的是效果”。


In a characteristically robust defence of its cars and its dealings with regulators, Tesla painted a different picture to the one from the NHTSA. In a blog post late on Thursday evening, it said that it had been told by the agency that it had already “co-operated fully and that no further information is needed”.特斯拉以其惯用方式极力保卫其生产的汽车及其与监管机构的关系,并得出了与美国国家公路交通安全性管理局有所不同的众说纷纭。特斯拉周四晚间在一篇博文中回应,美国国家公路交通安全性管理局告诉该公司,它早已“充份合作,不必须获取更进一步的信息”。Also, despite the NHTSA examination, the company stated: “There is no safety defect with the suspensions in either the Model S or Model X.” Ownership of all of its own service centres meant that it had been able to examine all parts that had been replaced on its cars, leading to “high confidence in our suspensions”, it said.此外,尽管美国国家公路交通安全性管理局早已进行调查,但特斯拉回应:“无论是Model S还是Model X车型,挂系统都不不存在安全性缺失。”该公司回应,享有旗下所有服务中心意味著,它需要检查所有替换的部件,因此对“我们的挂部件很有信心”。

On Friday, the NHTSA said Tesla had “clarified the language of its Goodwill Agreements in a satisfactory way, resolving the issue”. It also said it had “not identified any safety issue with Tesla’s suspensions”, but was still conducting its review.美国国家公路交通安全性管理局周五回应,特斯拉“以令人满意的方式回应了其‘愿意协议’的措辞,从而解决问题了这个问题”。它还回应,“没找到特斯拉的挂部件有任何安全性问题”,但仍在展开评估。