APPLE fans lined up in several Asian cities to get their hands on the iPad mini yesterday, but the device, priced above rival gadgets from Google and, attracted smaller crowds than at the companys previous global rollouts.在亚洲城市的苹果迷们昨天分列着队供不应求迷你iPad,但该设备,价格低于来自谷歌和亚马逊网上的竞争对手的产品,更有的人群没该公司先前的全球发布会上的人多。Apple Incs global gadget rollouts are typically high-energy affairs drawing droves of buyers who stand in line for hours. But a proliferation of comparable rival devices may have sapped some interest.苹果公司的全球电子产品公布一般来说是更有大批买家排队数小时才能取得的费力事。但竞争对手的一种类似于产品有可能早已巩固了某些兴趣。About 50 people waited for the Apple store in Sydney to open, where in the past the line had stretched for several blocks when the firm debuted new iPhones.在悉尼大约50人等候苹果商店门口,在过去当公司发售新的iphone时队伍早已绕行了几条街。

At the head of yesterdays line was Patrick Li, who had been waiting since 4:30am. Li was keen to buy the new 7.9-inch model.昨天分列在队伍最前的是帕特里克李,他从早晨4点半就开始等。李渴求出售到新的7.9英寸的模型。Its light, easy to handle, and Ill use it to read books. Its better than the original iPad, Li said.“它很重,更容易拿,我将用它来读书。


它比原本的iPad更佳,”李说。There were queues of 100 or more outside Apple stores in Tokyo and Seoul when the device went on sale, but when the companys flagship Hong Kong store opened staff appeared to outnumber those waiting in line.当该产品上市销售时东京和釜山的苹果商店有100或更加多的人在排队,但当公司的分店香港商店门口时员工或许比那些排队的人还多。The iPad mini marks Apples first foray into the smaller-tablet segment, and the latest salvo in a global mobile-device war that has engulfed combatants from Internet search leader Google Inc to Inc and Microsoft Corp.迷你iPad标志着苹果首次转入了平板电脑市场,这在全球移动设备战争市场上的近期迎击威胁到了来自互联网搜寻领头羊谷歌、亚马逊公司和微软公司的竞争者。Microsofts 10-inch Surface tablet, powered by the just-launched Windows 8 software, went on sale in October, while Google and Amazon now dominate sales of smaller, 7-inch multimedia tablets.微软公司的10英寸平板电脑由刚公布的Windows 8软件不作反对,10月上市,而谷歌和亚马逊现在主导着7英寸平板多媒体电脑的市场。

Unveiled last week, the iPad mini has won mostly positive reviews, with criticism centering on a screen considered inferior to rivals and a lofty price tag. The new tablet essentially replicates most of the features of its full-sized sibling, but in a smaller package.上周发布,迷你iPad早已夺得很多大力的评价,而抨击定声集中于在屏幕被指出不如竞争对手的以及一个高昂的价格标签。新的平板电脑基本上拷贝的大部分全寸电脑的特性,除了以一个更加小的样子。


At US$329 for a Wi-Fi only model, the iPad mini is a little costlier than predicted but some analysts see that as Apples attempt to retain premium positioning.329美元对于一个只有wi-fi模型,迷你iPad比预计的有点喜,但一些分析人士指出苹果正试图保有着溢价定位。Some investors fear the gadget will lure buyers away from Apples US$499 flagship 9.7-inch iPad, while proving ineffective in fighting the threat of Amazons US$199 Kindle Fire and Googles Nexus 7.一些投资者担忧这个小产品将更有买家从苹果499美元的旗舰产品即9.7英寸的iPad中撤走,在威胁亚马逊199美元的Kindle Fire和谷歌的Nexus 7时却被证明违宪。